HR Recruiter – Intern

September 13, 2023
8000 - 10000 / month
Application ends: September 29, 2023
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Job Description

This job posting is looking for male or female HR interns to work remotely as HR Recruiters. Here’s an analysis and suggestions for improvement:

**Job Title:** HR Recruiter – Intern

**Location:** Work from home (Remote)

**Internship Duration:** 3 months

**Stipend:** 1,000 INR (fixed)

**Qualification:** 12th grade or above

**Working Hours:** 8 hours/day (day shift)

**Job Description:**
– Candidate should have access to a laptop and a stable internet connection at home.
– Basic computer knowledge is required.
– Excellent English communication skills are a must.
– The intern should be capable of making 70-80 calls per day.
– Proficiency in using Google Sheets is essential.
– Responsibilities include sourcing candidates through job portals.
– Immediate joiners are preferable.

**How to Apply:**
Interested candidates should submit their resumes for consideration.

**Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement:**

1. **Inclusivity:** It’s advisable to use more gender-neutral language in the job posting to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Instead of specifying “male/female,” you can use “candidates of all genders.”

2. **Stipend:** The stipend offered is quite low, which may deter potential candidates, especially those who need financial support during their internship. Consider offering a more competitive stipend to attract better talent.

3. **Qualification:** The requirement of a 12th-grade qualification might limit the candidate pool. Depending on the tasks involved, consider expanding the qualification criteria to include candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

4. **Working Hours:** While the 8-hour working hours are standard, it’s essential to clarify whether this internship will be on a full-time or part-time basis. If it’s part-time, specify the work schedule.

5. **Job Description:** The job description is quite detailed, which is good. However, you might want to mention the industry or sector in which the HR recruiting will take place. This can help candidates better understand the context of the role.

6. **Stipend Clarity:** The stipend is mentioned as “1k fixed.” It’s better to specify the currency (e.g., 1,000 INR) and whether it’s a monthly stipend or for the entire internship duration.

7. **Grammar and Spelling:** Proofread the posting for any grammar or spelling errors to present a more professional image.

8. **How to Apply:** Consider providing more details on the application process. Will there be an interview or additional steps? Include contact information or a link to where candidates can submit their resumes.

9. **Equal Opportunity:** Ensure that your hiring process promotes equal opportunity and does not discriminate against any candidates based on gender, age, or other factors.

By making these improvements, you can attract a broader range of candidates and provide clearer information about the internship opportunity.