Talent Acquisition

September 16, 2023
Application ends: October 31, 2023
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Job Description

**Job Title: Talent Acquisition**

The job title is “Talent Acquisition,” indicating that this role is focused on acquiring new talent for the organization.


– **Sourcing CVs from different job portals as per JD or Business requirement:**
This responsibility involves searching and collecting resumes from various job portals in accordance with the provided Job Description (JD) or business requirements.

– **Identifying & Screening Potential Candidates:**
Encompasses the task of identifying potential candidates and conducting initial screenings to assess their suitability for the positions.

– **Campus/off-campus Trainee / Freshers Hiring:**
Specifies the involvement in hiring trainees or freshers, either from educational institutions (campus) or outside of campuses (off-campus).

– **Supporting Seniors as and when required for HR operations:**
Indicates a supportive role in assisting senior team members with HR operations when needed. This could include a range of HR-related tasks and duties.