Zonal Sales Manager ( Only B2B or B2C sales in IVF/single specialty chain/hospital)

September 15, 2023
40000 - 70000 / month
Application ends: September 22, 2023
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Job Description

**Job Title: Zonal Sales Manager**

The title clearly identifies the position within the organization – a managerial role overseeing sales activities within a specific zone.

**( Only B2B or B2C sales in IVF/single specialty chain/hospital)**

This qualification narrows down the type of sales experience required. The ideal candidate should have experience specifically in B2B or B2C sales within the context of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), single specialty chains, or hospitals.


– **B2B tie-up and B2C activities for building business:**
This responsibility outlines the need to establish B2B partnerships and engage in B2C activities to expand and grow the business.

– **Digital marketing know-how is a plus:**
Highlighting that knowledge or experience in digital marketing is an added advantage for this role.

– **Extensive Travel required:**
Clarifies the necessity for frequent travel, implying that the role involves a significant amount of fieldwork.

– **Recruiting and building business B2B partners:**
Emphasizes the role in recruiting and establishing partnerships within the B2B sector.

– **Responsible for overall P&L and for each account:**
Indicates that the Zonal Sales Manager will be accountable for the overall Profit and Loss (P&L) within the zone and for each specific account.

– **Entrepreneur qualities of owning and delivering on the KRA:**
Stresses the need for entrepreneurial qualities to take ownership and deliver on Key Result Areas (KRA).

– **Meet and exceed monthly and annual sales targets set out for the B2B Sales Team member:**
Highlights the performance expectations in terms of meeting and surpassing sales targets on a monthly and yearly basis.

– **Assist in monitoring and making any necessary adjustments to any B2B Development Plans:**
Involves supporting in monitoring and adjusting B2B development plans as needed.

– **Presenting progress reports to management on sales metrics:**
Specifies the responsibility of providing progress reports to management, detailing sales metrics and performance.

– **Creation of documentation outlining sales processes, reach-out templates, and performance metrics:**
Underlines the duty to create comprehensive documentation covering sales processes, outreach templates, and performance metrics.

– **Manage all relationships within your assigned accounts to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained:**
Emphasizes maintaining strong customer relationships to ensure a high level of satisfaction within the assigned accounts.

– **Meet and exceed Closing-Rate targets of inbound and self-generated leads in assigned region, based on management directive:**
Sets the expectation of meeting and surpassing closing-rate targets for both inbound and self-generated leads within the assigned region, in alignment with management directives.

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