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Kapil Group predominantly started off as a leading chit-funds company that inspired people and households to build sizeable savings for life through noteworthy chit-fund schemes.

With the name Kapil Chits, our chit-fund business thrives to this day, encouraging the thrift culture among the people of today’s generation (including youth) and empowering them financially to fulfill their dreams and goals.

Kapil Group’s real estate business enables ownership of commercial properties, open plots, villas, and residential apartments for interested buyers. To complement this business, we also go the extra mile to facilitate the leasing of commercial properties to suitable tenant(s) and provide their owners with a decent avenue for a great second income. Kapil Towers and Kapil Kavuri Hub in the financial district of Hyderabad and Kapil Business Park hosting India’s largest World Trade Center in Shamshabad are some of the hallmark examples of our commercial real estate projects.

Our NBFC operates under the name Bijay Finance and Investment Pvt. Ltd. in Telangana and makes finance easily available to all sections of society. By getting hassle-free access to credit/finance from our NBFC, several ambitious and entrepreneurial people have made it big in their lives. We have made finance available even to the unserved sections of the populace and take pride in helping transform their lives through fulfillment of their goals.

Kapil Health Club Pvt. Ltd., part of the prestigious Kapil Group, excels in providing comprehensive healthcare and financial security solutions. With competitively designed Health Insurance, General Insurance, and Life Insurance products, they have earned a stellar reputation in the insurance industry. Partnering with renowned insurers such as Star Health Insurance, Care Health Insurance, Reliance, Tata AIG, IFFCO-Tokio, Life Insurance Corporation of India, and ICICI Prudential, Kapil Health Club ensures top-notch coverage for the insured. Their dedicated claims settlement department ensures efficient and reliable processing, offering convenience and peace of mind to policyholders.

Apart from comprehensive insurance services, Kapil Health Club also runs Ayurvedic Hospitals for those who want to avail Ayurvedic treatment for their health conditions.

Its subscribers/members get the following benefits with respect to Ayurvedic treatment:

1) Discounted prices for Ayurvedic treatment at Kapil Ayurveda’s branches in KPHB, Champapet, and Warangal for patients of both the In-Patient and Out-Patient Departments.
2) 12 consultations free of cost at Kapil Ayurveda Centers.


Established in 2006, HMTV News Channel is a beacon of unbiased Telugu news coverage in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. With a commitment to journalistic integrity, it delivers pro-people content rooted in objectivity, fairness, and constructiveness. HMTV has earned trust and admiration, solidifying its position as a respected source in the media landscape.

Launched on July 15th, 2011, The Hans India is an exceptional English Daily newspaper that has achieved remarkable growth, securing the 4th rank in circulation among Telugu-speaking states. With a team of seasoned journalists, it is poised to become a leading English Newspaper nationally. Its outstanding performance is evident with a phenomenal 102% increase in print orders, a remarkable 205% growth in circulation revenue, and an astonishing surge of 1308% in advertisement revenue.


Established in 2007, Kapil Agro Farms India Pvt. Ltd. excels in large-scale horticulture production, specializing in 11 fruit varieties including mango. With a commitment to sustainability, the company operates a nursery that produces thousands of saplings. It also engages in vegetable cultivation and plans to establish a fruit processing unit. Impressively, the company operates a dairy yielding 300 liters of milk daily, along with sheep rearing and piggery activities. Kapil Agro Farms’ dedication to excellence, sustainable practices, and diversification positions it as a leader in the agricultural industry, contributing to its robust growth.

Deccan Fruit Growers Association
GGR Farms Pvt. Ltd.

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