Lead Researcher

September 6, 2023
4000 - 10000 / month
Application ends: October 5, 2023
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Job Description

Job Description:

Are you passionate about conducting cutting-edge research in the field of skincare and helping individuals achieve brighter and healthier skin? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you as a Lead Researcher for AE Naturals Crystal Q Glutathione Skin Brightening Capsules.

1. Research Strategy: Develop and lead the research strategy for AE Naturals Crystal Q Glutathione Skin Brightening Capsules, focusing on understanding the effects of Glutathione and other ingredients on skin brightening, pigmentation reduction, and overall skin health.
2. Product Development Support: Collaborate closely with the product development team to ensure that the capsules contain high-quality Glutathione and other skin-brightening ingredients and that the formulation meets safety and efficacy standards.
3. Scientific Investigations: Conduct scientific investigations, clinical studies, and experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of Glutathione and related ingredients in achieving skin brightening and pigmentation control goals.
4. Ingredient Analysis: Evaluate and select the most suitable Glutathione and complementary ingredients for the capsules, ensuring they meet safety, efficacy, and quality standards.
5. Testing Protocols: Develop testing protocols and methodologies to assess the product’s efficacy, safety, and impact on skin health. Oversee and manage clinical trials and studies as needed.
6. Market Research: Stay updated on the latest research and trends related to skincare, skin brightening, and pigmentation control. Incorporate relevant findings into product development and research.
7. Quality Assurance: Collaborate with the quality assurance team to ensure the capsules meet all safety and quality standards. Address any product-related issues promptly.
8. Reporting: Prepare comprehensive reports on research findings, clinical trial outcomes, product performance, and safety assessments. Communicate research results to the product development and marketing teams.

• Advanced degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) in a relevant scientific field, such as dermatology, skincare science, or biochemistry.
• Proven experience in research and development roles in the skincare or beauty industry, with a focus on skin brightening and pigmentation control.
• Strong scientific knowledge of skincare ingredients, especially Glutathione, and their effects on skin health.
• Expertise in designing and overseeing scientific studies, clinical trials, and experiments.
• Detail-oriented with a strong commitment to product quality, safety, and efficacy.
• Excellent communication skills to convey complex research findings to cross-functional teams.
• Innovative thinker with a passion for skincare and holistic well-being.

If you are ready to lead the research efforts for AE Naturals Crystal Q Glutathione Skin Brightening Capsules and contribute to the development of a product that promotes brighter and healthier skin, apply now to be at the forefront of our mission to provide effective skincare solutions.