Sales Executive

May 27, 2023
13000 - 23000 / month
Application ends: June 30, 2023
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Job Description

Job Description
1. Sales Target Achievement
Individual target achievement in the following areas:
• Attending inquiries and arranging test drives.
• Participating in various TKM/dealership events organized by the company.
• Booking customer orders.
• Retail sales, both in the showroom and in the field.
• Promoting and selling Toyota Value Pack (Smiles Package).
• Offering Toyota Life Long Body Coating to customers.
• Providing in-house insurance solutions.
• Assisting customers with in-house finance options.
• Selling accessories related to vehicles.
• Preparing and updating files, including the File Status Report for vehicle registration, and informing the Team Leader to schedule vehicle delivery.
• Ensuring the smooth delivery of vehicles to customers.
• Reporting daily activities to the Team Leader.
2. Enquiry Management
• Efficient use of Enquiry Management Tools such as ICROP, CTDMS, DCR.
3. Maintaining Good Relationships with Customers
• Ensuring customer satisfaction through effective vehicle delivery processes.
• Building strong relationships with customers during the sales process.
• Following up with customers after sales to ensure their satisfaction.
4. Adherence to SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
• Strict adherence to SOP will have a positive impact in the following areas:
• Customer satisfaction.
• Improvement in sales efficiency.
• Effective sales processes.
• Achievement of sales targets.
5. Other Responsibilities
• Attend daily morning meetings, individual Sales Officer review meetings, evening reviews scheduled by the Team Leader, and other departmental meetings.
• Maintain harmonious relationships with other departments to ensure smooth daily operations.
Note: SOP refers to Standard Operating Procedures.
Join our team as a Sales Executive and contribute to our sales targets, maintain good customer relationships, and adhere to established processes to achieve success.