Frontend Engineer – Mobile

September 11, 2023
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Job Description

This job posting is for a Frontend Engineer with a focus on mobile development using Flutter. Here’s an analysis and suggestions for improvement:

**Job Title:** Frontend Engineer – Mobile

**Role & Responsibilities:**
– Develop highly usable, composable UIs using Flutter, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.
– Collaborate with the UX team to understand end-user requirements and build solutions.
– Write well-abstracted, reusable, highly performant code for UI components.
– Experiment with new relevant technologies and tools to delight users.

**Ideal Candidate:**
– Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or science.
– 2+ years of experience in building and shipping innovative, richly visual, fast products.
– Must have experience and passion for building high-quality Android or iOS apps.
– Must have experience or passion for building Flutter applications.
– Experience with other related platforms, frameworks, and languages such as Dart, iOS, web applications is a big plus.

**Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement:**

1. **Clarity and Structure:** The job title, role & responsibilities, and ideal candidate sections are clear and well-structured.

2. **Qualifications:** The qualifications and experience requirements are specified, which is good. However, you might want to consider whether 2+ years of experience is a strict requirement or if you’re open to candidates with less experience but exceptional skills.

3. **Technical Skills:** Mentioning the technical skills required, such as Flutter, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, provides clarity for potential applicants.

4. **Education:** Requiring a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or science might be limiting. Consider if relevant experience and skills are more important than a specific degree.

5. **Mobile Platform:** It’s good to specify that the candidate should have experience with building Android or iOS apps and a passion for Flutter. This makes it clear what kind of mobile development the role entails.

6. **Additional Skills:** Mentioning experience with related platforms and languages is a plus, but you could provide more context on why these are beneficial for the role.

7. **Company and Culture:** Consider adding a brief section about your company and its culture. Many candidates look for information on the company’s values and work environment.

8. **Application Process:** Include details on how candidates should apply, whether you require a portfolio or code samples, and a contact person or email for inquiries.

9. **Equal Opportunity:** Ensure that your hiring process promotes equal opportunity and does not discriminate against any candidates based on factors unrelated to the job requirements.

By making these improvements, you can attract more qualified candidates and provide a clearer picture of what the role entails.