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Bloomchemag BV (based out of Mol, Belgium) is an wholly-owned subsidiary of Indian company Bloom Chemag Private Limited and is a globally operating trading and distribution company. Bloomchemag bv is an importer and distributor of specialty chemicals, of Asia origin. Bloomchemag represents Global firms in Food, Agri & Life Sciences, CRAMS (Contract Research & Mfg. Services), Coatings, Construction and Surfactants sectors with an aim to increase their footprint in Indian subcontinent, and conversely support Indian and other Asian specialty chemical producers to scale-up their operations and gain larger share of global markets. This is made possible by leveraging our knowledge of markets, expertise in technical functions and new business development. BloomchemAG purchases large scale quantities of industrial and specialty chemicals from various suppliers, enabling the company to achieve economies of scale and offer to our customers a full-line range of chemical products and value-added services. BloomchemAG is an acronym which conveys our area of operation and expertise:

Bloom : flowering and growing

Chem : is from Chemistry

AG  : is from Agriculture

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