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We are a very simple travel company, we identify your needs and offer end to end answers for all your travel needs. We have been in the service since 2016 and our expertise is in North-East India, Sikkim and GOA destinations. We are based in Noida-Delhi-NCR with two branch offices in Guwahati and Gangtok.

We have spent significant time before our establishment so that we can offer you the best at the moderate cost which are in line with your requirements. Travel is just not our business, it is our soul. Travel is in our blood and always keep us excited. We feel cherished when our traveler goes through the unmatched experience. Advisors in our company are well trained with precise skills to ensure that you “must not” face any inconvenience or compromise during the trips.

We are extremely thankful to our expanding travelers like you for their honest feedbacks who has not only deepened our knowledge but helped us in growing. Unhappy customers motivated us to learn and improve, happy customers strengthened our working. It is actually right that “sales can go up and down but service stays forever”.

Available options are great but sometimes too many choices are overwhelming. Our approach is different and that’s why we plan very carefully keeping your status and need in mind. Our belief is in offering ” a good sleep” not a “good mattress”. We realizes the challenges you don’t know and that’s the reason we have a very straight strategy that just don’t “offer the trip” but “plan the trip”.

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