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SIDRONS is India’s leading tiles and roundabout surface solutions companies. We provide the most exquisite and an impeccable collection of luxury tiles from around the world that feature the most original designs and materials seamlessly integrating beautifully across the distinctive product line. The fine detailed design work on tiles and the way they are cut are bound to inspire you. We provide efficient and smooth service with assured quality.

For us, at SIDRONS, our designs are the opportunity to continue telling the story that you would like to tell the world. Creativity comes from unusual juxtapositions and to design something is to add value and meaning to the existing decor. SIDRONS is one of India’s leading tiles and surface solution company that is known for its designs that illuminate, dignify, and even dramatize your spaces. Through our unique custom solutions, we transform your spaces seamlessly from prose into poetry.

Our bespoke designs subtract the most obvious and add meaning, use innovative, and the most modern concepts that beautifully integrate across our product line. We have some of the best artists working meticulously on the fine designs on each of the tiles that are bound to invoke curiosity and inspire you in every sense. We are proudly one of the largest importers of fine ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and wood, metallic and glass tiles all across the country.

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