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Transpacific Consultants, established in 2018, is an emerging study abroad and immigration consultancy dedicated to accelerating the career growth of ambitious young people in India. Our small but knowledgeable team understands the value of effective career counseling, capable of altering life’s direction. We provide tailored study options to students based on their qualifications, interests, academic performance, and budget. Our commitment to 100% student satisfaction means we offer complete support from enrollment to study completion, serving as a reliable backbone throughout the journey. At Studywayz Education, our institute has been a leading force in student education, equipping graduates with the skills and mindset for rewarding careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. Our mission is to provide quality, ethical, and professional services, acting as a bridge between international institutes and aspiring students in India. We prioritize authenticity, transparency, and guidance on career opportunities, ensuring our students make informed decisions for their future.

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