Admission Counsellor

May 26, 2024
30000 - 45000 / month
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Job Description

### Job Title: Admission Counsellor

**Location:** iClass Gyansetu – Data Science, Data Analytics, Python, AI ML, Power BI, DevOps, Software Training Institute, Gurgaon, Sector 31, Huda Market, Sector 31, Gurugram, Haryana, India

**Company:** iClass Gyansetu

**Contact Information:**
– **Phone:** +91 9650012935
– **Email:**

#### Job Overview:

As an Education Counsellor specializing in Sales, you will play a crucial role in assisting prospective students in making informed decisions about educational programs and services offered by the institution. Your primary responsibility will be to guide and influence potential students, helping them understand the value of the educational offerings and ultimately converting inquiries into enrollments. This position involves a combination of counseling, sales, and customer service skills.

#### Key Responsibilities:

**Student Counseling:**
– Engage with prospective students to understand their educational and career goals.
– Provide comprehensive information about available courses, programs, admission requirements, and career prospects.
– Counsel experienced professionals via call or email on which course will be useful for their career progression and suggest the best options.

**Sales and Enrollment:**
– Oversee the entire sales lifecycle, from engaging with a large volume of well-qualified leads to final conversion, i.e., enrollment in the program.
– Implement effective sales strategies to meet enrollment targets.
– Conduct consultations and presentations to showcase the benefits of educational programs.
– Utilize persuasive communication skills to influence potential students and encourage enrollment.

**Relationship Building:**
– Establish and maintain positive relationships with prospective students.
– Collaborate with other team members and departments to enhance the overall student experience.

**Admissions Support:**
– Assist students with the admissions process, including application procedures and documentation requirements.
– Provide support and follow-up to ensure a smooth transition from inquiry to enrollment.

**Market Research:**
– Stay informed about industry trends, competitor offerings, and market demands.
– Provide feedback on market conditions and contribute to the development of marketing strategies.

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